April, 2011

  • Mental Spring Cleaning

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    We’ve all got a little junk in our heads that we could clean out but it will only do us any good if we replace it with something positive. Remember the old garden analogy, if you pull the weeds you had better replace them with something else; flowers, ground cover or weed blocker because if …

  • Are you done smoking?

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    That’s it, I’ve had it. I’m done! Enough of spending  a couple thousand dollars a year to slowly destroy my lungs. Enough being scorned by society and shoved further and further away from everyone else. It’s time to quit… and this time I’m serious. Sound familiar? Maybe it’s something similar to a statement you’ve made …

  • How an Attitude can change the world

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    Nick Vujicic has a much harder life than any of us can even really relate to yet he carries with him one of the most positive and grateful attitudes I’ve ever seen. Watch this short clip and then lets talk about just what an attitude can really do to change the world.

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