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  • Do It Yourself Improvement is taking a major step in developing and reaching your vision. Through the use of MindBridge Entrainment Tracks you can begin to train yourself in a more whole-brain thought process, giving you access to both your logical and creative talents.

    Hypnotherapy and Guided Meditation Tracks allow you to gain most of the benefits of hypnotherapy and our staff’s NLP training without having to live near the Crossroads offices or wait for an opening in our hypnotherapist’s schedule.

    The Universal Feedback Reports are a collection of tools, reports and packages that help us see what messages we’re currently sending out to the universe and what we’re currently attracting.

    DIYself Improvement Store Categories

    MindBridge Entrainment Tracks
    MindBridge Entrainment Tracks use Binaural Beat and Brainwave Entrainment technology to allow you to enter targeted conscious states without the need for years of practice or training. Instead, all you need is some spare time and a pair of headphones.
    Universal Feedback Reports
    One of the hardest parts of positive thinking and reaching for your goals is knowing when the season for sowing is upon us and when it’s time to celebrate the reaping. As we all know that which happens without is merely a reflection of what happens within and with this in mind Crossroads offers you help in gauging where you are in your journey and helps you refine your requests to the Universe through it’s Universal Feedback Reports.

    These reports include things like Numerology, Zodiac, Hand & Fingerprint Analysis and more. Remember when reading your reports though, these are not in anyway set in stone, if you want to change the direction of your life you can. These reports are just a reflection of your current state and location.

    This category features books written or contributed to by the Crossroads Life Development Staff. These include a wide range of eBooks from poetry to introductions into fields like Numerology, Astrology, and Hypnosis.


    Can’t find what you want in the store than contact us for a custom track tailored specifically for your needs in your subconscious language.

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