Universal Feedback Reports

  • One of the hardest parts of positive thinking and reaching for your goals is knowing when the season for sowing is upon and when it’s time to celebrate the reaping. As we all know that which happens without is merely a reflection of what happens within and with this in mind Crossroads offers you help in gauging where you are in your journey and helps you refine your requests to the Universe through it’s Universal Feedback Reports.
    These reports include Handwriting Analysis, Numerology, and more.

    Remember when reading your reports though, try not to take them too literally. These are not in anyway set in stone after all, if you want to change the direction of your life you can. These reports are just our best understanding of a reflection of your current state, location and challenges in life.

    Numerology Report
    Numerology Report

    The Decoz® Numerology report covers all the main numbers of your life (eg. Life Path, Birthday, Expression, Heart’s Desire) as well as some of the minor numbers. The biggest benefit of this report though is the 2 years of daily personal numerology readings. Use this report as a gauge to check whether you are sending the right messages out to the Universe.

    Numerology reports are sent out within 24 hours of order. Please make sure that you add @crossroadsld.com to your safe senders list to make sure you receive your email as fast as you can. It is important to note that the Decoz® Numerology report is a generated report and not the same as the in person reading available under the services section.

    Price: $22.00

    *Date of Birth (mm/dd/yyyy), Birth Name, Name You Currently Use:

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