• We offer a large variety of services at Crossroads Life Development allowing you to choose the avenue to self-discovery and healing that you resonate with most. This will provide for the best overall experience and personal involvement. Read through the light over views below and click through for more information. If you have any question there is a contact form accessible via the menu at the top.



    HypnotherapyHypnotherapy uses the natural process of hypnosis that we all go through before falling asleep for the purpose of self-healing, self-development, and personal growth. The possibilities of hypnotherapy include smoking cessation, past life regression, weight management, and habit control.

    Sessions generally run 1 hour in length are are billed at $125 dollars.  Some packages and special sessions run longer and are billed at a different amount, these include past life regression among others.

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    Life Coaching

    Life CoachingLife Coaching is a supportive co-creative relationship that brings with it the coaches knowledge, insights, and ability to be present and listen. Life Coaching sessions help you see your road blocks, dreams, and experiences from a two new perspectives; that of the coaches as well as that of the combined effort of coach and client.

    Crossroads offers coaching in general Life Development as well as specialized coaching for self-publishing authors and entrepreneurial inclined individuals.  A free sample session is available so you can test drive the coach before signing up for a package.  You can also do stand alone sessions as you feel you need them if you feel a package offers more than you currently require.

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    Life Numbers Numerology Reading

    NumerologyNumerology readings can provide powerful insights into the energies that are influencing our daily lives. Through the study of several aspects of your life including your name, birthday, nicknames, address, and telephone number you can begin to gain an understanding of some of the invisible pushes you may be feeling in your life.

    Life Numbers readings can take anywhere from 30 minutes to two and half hours, it all depends on how in depth you want to get and how many questions you come up with.  These readings are billed at $75 an hour and can be book in multiple sessions in a single day or spread out across multiple days  to accommodate the vast amounts of information you can uncover in these readings.

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