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  • What is Life Development Coaching? It is coaching specifically designed to help you in finding and pursuing your life’s passion. If you feel like you are stuck in your current situation, relationship or job and you just can’t seem to find that idea that will drive you to progress and grow than Life Development Coaching is just what you need.

    Our coaching staff are educated and experienced coaches who have studied with the masters like Bob Proctor, James A. Ray, Will Craig, Steve G. Jones and Mike Litman. They have faced that daunting question of ‘What am I going to do with my life?’ and answered it by dedicating themselves to helping others find their own unique answer to this ever present question. Let us help you find that passion that you can take emotional stake in; that thought that makes you proud to say¬†This is my life’s purpose!

    Let the lessons we’ve learned from our journey for the answer help make your own journey that much swifter and smoother.

    “If I have seen further it is by standing on the shoulders of giants.”
    Sir Isaac Newton

    Life Coaching is a big commitment for both you and the coach. With commitments like these it’s best to test drive the service first before to make sure that your coach and you are speaking the same language.

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    Coaching Services

    Pay-As-You-Go Coaching:

    Book and pay for one call at a time*
    Access to eMail Correspondence
    Per Call Price: $200

    Monthly Package:

    1 call a week*
    Access to eMail Correspondence
    Help Writing Affirmations**
    Free copy of any eBooks released while you are a client
    15% off any hypnotherapy sessions booked while you are a client
    Monthly Price: $725
    * All calls are 1 hour in length.
    ** Let our coaches use their training in NLP and Imagery to help maximize your affirmations

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