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  • Numbers of the MindCurious what your numbers have to say?  Numerology has been intertwined with human curiosity since the very earliest reaches of our current recorded history with evidence of influence from every corner of the our widely distributed belief systems; The Vedas, The Gnostics, and even the ancient Egyptians.  Mystics and saints from these belief systems have used numbers as a divination tool from the very roots of the religions.  We can see an example of this the following quote:

    Numbers are the Universal language offered by the deity to humans as confirmation of the truth.”
    – St. Augustine of Hippo

    A Life Numbers Numerology reading from one of Crossroad Life Development certified Numerologist is a dynamic and powerful event that has the unique characteristic of lasting as long as you choose.  These readings are booked in half hour session at $50 per session or $75 for hour long sessions.  The basic concepts of the Life Numbers report will be printed off and ready for you when you arrive for you initial session.  From there you choose the more advanced the aspects of the report that are printed off.  The Numerologist will sit down and go through the basic report with you taking as little or as much time as you want on each of the items in the report.

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    Life Numbers Report Details

    The Basic Report includes what we call the Core Nummbers; Life Path, Expression, Soul Urge, and Birthday

    · Life Path – This number is your most influential number and contains insights about the lessons and architecture of your life
    · Expression – This number contains influence over your potential and abilities in your journey
    · Soul Urge – The influence of this number reigns over your drive and motivation, what moves you
    · Birthday – A reflection of your Life Path this number contains influences over sub-lessons and sub-opportunities

    Other number included in the basic report are; Challenge, Growth, Maturity, Secret-Self, Material / Spiritual Approach, Effectiveness, and Major Karmic Debts

    The Advanced topics available in your Life Number readings include:

    Temperament, Birth Name vs. Daily Name, Life Path Periods, A forecast for your next decade, and Minor Karmic Debts

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