Timothy A. Rhoades, Ht.

  • Timothy A. Rhoades, Ht.

    Owner & CEO

    I picked up my first book on subliminal programming and how the subconscious worked from the Layton library when I was still in elementary school. It wasn’t a real technical book, more of a Reader’s Digest to some of the theories that were out there at the time. The part that really stuck with me was how much of a role emotions played in what the subconscious takes in and what it rejects. It sparked what has become a life long passion studying with how the mind works, how it controls us and we can control it. As I got older this study of the mind had really made me start to question my views and definitions of reality.

    As I began to study some more of the fringe areas of science, metaphysics and personal development I discovered Hypnotherapy and all the puzzle pieces of my life fell into place. I had found a profession where I could not only explore all of my varied interests but I could also fulfill a deep longing I had to help people. The training I had taken in Life Coaching combined with the training I received in Hypnotherapy resulted in a multi-faceted company that didn’t just focus on personal development, it focused on Life Development.

    It is my vision and one of my greatest desires to help others find their passion in life and give them all the tools and support they need to pursue it with all their heart. With our ever growing offering of services Crossroads is designed to do just that; Help you find who and where you are, who and where you want to be and give you a clear idea of how to start that journey.

    Take this opportunity to learn from the bumps and bruises I’ve accumulated along the way exploring every rabbit hole and shadowed corner of the personal and spiritual development worlds and shave years off your journey to becoming the ultimate expression of the divine within you.

    – Tim

    Extra Certifications & Education:

    • Diploma in Hypnotherapy from Hypnosis Motivational Institute
    • Diploma in Hand Writing Analysis from Hypnosis Motivational Institute
    • Smoking Cessation from American Hypnosis Association
    • Past Life Regression from American Hypnosis Association
    • Healing the Inner Child from American Hypnosis Association
    • Level I Certification in Numerology
    • Level II Certification in Numerology
    • Basic Training Certification in Quantum Touch


    I’m also currently in school for my degree in Interfaith Ministry from the American Institute of Holistic Theology.

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